About me

I started my journey in the Indian capital markets in 2018.  I joined Finnacle Investment Academy after completing my schooling from St. Xavier’s, Surat.

I built the foundation in finance field through the following modules:

• World Economy (US, Europe, China, Japan, India, and their inter-relations)
• Capital Markets (Equity Markets, Bond Markets, Derivatives Markets, etc.)
• Personal Finance (Mutual Funds, Insurance, Tax Savings, Retirement Planning)
• Financial Statement Analysis and Forensic Accounting (Understanding Annual Report, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Notes to Accounts, Corporate Governance and Related Party Transactions)
• Industry and Company Analysis (Analyzing competitive strength and its durability, Michael Porter Analysis, Preparing Company Analysis Checklist)
• Valuations and Financial Modelling (Based on Multiples, Discounted Cashflow Valuation, Residual Income Valuation)

I did six months internship at Unifi Capital Pvt Ltd. – a Portfolio Management company. 

I am building a core competency in investing in Indian equity markets and learning all the investment philosophies. I read about business valuations. I am inspired by Michael Mauboussin and his writings.

On this blog, I will discuss my thoughts on investing in general, investment opportunities, investment strategies, and business analysis.

Investing is a profession where learning has no boundaries.