Just Dial buyback case study and Framework for analyzing buybacks

Overview of the Company: Just Dial Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the leading local search engines in India. The company’s operations began in 1996 by offering local search services under the Just Dial brand. The company launched the official website in 2007. The company offers local search, search-related, and software services through various…More


Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula in the Indian context – Does it work?

As the students of investment management domain the one thing which we have learnt is that every professional investor or fund manager is under pressure to generate alpha with the rise in the allocation to index funds and ETF’s by investors globally the portfolio managers are trying numerous strategies to create the edge in the…More

Crisis Investing – Where to hunt?

After the brutal, but not completely irrational, crash across the global indices in the past two months and along with very high volatility, there is widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment. This was precipitated by the realization that depressing the economy was the only way to contain COVID-19 pandemic. The equity market and economies across…More

ITC – Is 'Capital Misallocation' a narrative fallacy or a reality?

The share of ITC is at seven-eight year low after the current market turmoil and because of several reasons related to its business: a) The escalating and unprecedented tax burden on legal cigarettes which has trebled between 2012-13 and 2017-18. b) The legal cigarette industry’s volume growth has declined steadily since 2010-11 at a compound…More

The Curious case of Graphite Electrode Industry

With all waste or pollution, someone somewhere gains for it. Anonymous We will start this story with Steel Industry and China’s place in the equation. China has been at the front line of steel manufacturing for a long while now, delivering over half of the world’s steel. Also, since the vast majority of their production…More